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Healthy pancakes with raspberry fluff and fresh strawberries and raspberries <3 Find the recipe on the blog:

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I need feminism because..


There is a problem when women are being told they can’t fight for there country because they make other men “uncomfortable”.

There is a problem when women are being told that they need to stop trying to prove themselves.

There is a problem when a woman posts this on her own Facebook page, telling other women that they should not be involved in infantry.

This is why I need feminism.


Blueberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Granola Bars…RECIPE

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Ok, lets break this down nice and simple.

Formaldehyde is from the purification of the vaccine. 99.9% of which is removed. The reason it doesn’t give a dosage is the ammount is so minuscule that it can’t be measured without going into picograms. That’s one trillionth of a gram. You breathe in more formaldehyde by driving down a busy road than in a vaccine.

Thimerosal is NOT elemental mercury, It is a molecular compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, mercury, sodium, oxygen, and sulfur. This is used as a preservative for the vaccine. Thimerosal is used in a variety of other things, like tattoo ink, facial creams, nasal sprays. It’s toxic to humans only in fairly large quantities but highly toxic to aquatic born organisms like infectious bacteria. In short, it makes sure you don’t get salmonella from a stray bacteria from the chicken embryos.

As for the dosage of the Thimerosal. That is the most laughable point in this post. It says 25 mcg, that’s micrograms, or one millionth of a gram. To put this in perspective, a dollar bill weighs roughly 1 gram, the average human eyelash is around 80-90 micrograms. The box also says that it contains a 5ml (milliliter/cc) vial which leads me to my next point.

A little simple math and we find out that 25 mcg = 0.00003 ml and a little more math we find that 0.00003 ml is 0.00006% of 5 ml. Let me put this another way. By the age of 5, an American child weighs about 50-55lbs and their body contains 55 mcg of Uranium. I don’t see any kids running around with radiation sickness, so I think they’re safe with a preservative in them.

TL;DR: This is like saying you don’t want your child eating their baked birthday cake because raw eggs were used to make it and you don’t want your child getting salmonella from it.

Excellent commentary. *claps*

Anything is poisonous if we try hard enough. Water, which gives us life, can also kill us in the right amount. That doesn’t mean we should keep our kids from drinking water. Quantity is an important factor and people need to realize that these microscopic amounts cannot possibly cause us harm. 

The other day a large bug flew into my mouth. It hit me right in the hangy ball thing and I instinctively swallowed. My first thought was, “Eww, that bug was probably full of bug poop. I just ate a bug’s worth of poop.”

If I had my choice, I would happily trade eating a bug’s worth of poop for 0.00003 ml of Thimerosal.

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When we talk about abortion, who are we talking about? We use the terms “women” and “girls” because it helps draw attention to the fact that gender oppression is at the root of stigma and inaccessibility to abortions.

But there’s a problem when we talk about reproductive rights as if women and girls are the only people who get abortions.

Trans men and other trans* people also get abortions. And for trans* folks, the stigma is even higher, as it is for everyone else who experiences multiple layers of oppression.

It’s not just a matter of self-perception, however. Women are expected to prove their qualifications and have more of them. We need more qualifications in order to be paid fairly and to succeed. Men do not feel the same pressure to prove their expertise because they don’t have to. They are still able to wake up, look in the mirror and feel perfectly confident talking about virtually anything. It’s a likely and predictable effect of seeing yourself pervasively represented in culture as competent, able and powerful. There is a reason why only young white boys experience a surge of self-esteem when they watch television. Girls and women do not, as a rule, derive a message of cultural power from the moment they are born, so we overcompensate and second-guess ourselves.





Abortion statistics and facts! All information, charts and bar graphs are sourced above! A few sources accidentally left out: [x] [x] - Paige

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Hannah speaking the truth 

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Siblings wont be kept apart. [vid]

so fucking cute, omg <3333

In continuing my blogging about babies today it seems, had to share this. This is entirely too cute. 

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